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Medieval brooches declared Treasure

Two detecting finds from Pembrokeshire were declared Treasure on Thursday, September 30. The silver medieval annular brooch pictured above was discovered by David Johnson on March 10, 2019 in a field near Penally. Tenby Museum & Art Gallery intends to acquire it. Eloise Chapman, Museum Assistant at Tenby Museum & Art Gallery said “It is always exciting to have the opportunity to acquire a treasure find for the museum. This lovely little brooch will provide an insight for our visitors into medieval fashion and everyday life in the Tenby area. As we don’t currently have anything like it in the collection, it would be a great addition.”

This second silver medieval brooch, missing its pin, was discovered by Kevin Higgs near Ambleston on April 24, 2019. Scolton Manor Park & Museum intends to acquire the brooch for its collection.

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