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Robert III gold lion

This is a first for the website. We’ve featured several English hammered gold coins but this is the first Scottish gold coin to come in. It was found very recently by Jamie Ramsay, who said he would soon be handing it over to the appropriate authorities in Scotland. In Scotland the Treasure Trove system is different to that used in other parts of the UK after the Treasure Act came into force in 1997.

Jamie’s find is a Robert III (1390-1406) gold lion, which had a face value of 5 shillings in Scotland. On the obverse is a large crowned shield of arms. On the reverse, flanked by fleur de lis, is the crucified figure of St. Andrew on a long saltire cross that reaches the outer edge of the coin. Lions like this specimen were struck during the heavy coinage of Robert III, which commenced in 1390 and ended circa 1403.    


Part of the shield on the obverse is weak but this side is otherwise near VF. On the reverse the chest and right arm of St. Andrew are weak but this side is also in near VF condition. The coin is unclipped, round and will be full weight for the denomination. In terms of value, my minimum figure on this rare and attractive find would be £4,000.

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Jamie Ramsay
Jamie Ramsay
1 year ago

Thanks so much for your time and valuation of the coin, much appreciated. One question i have tho was where was the coin minted, thanks again.