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Republican denarius

Pictured here is coin number six from a group of seven Roman denarii that came in from Robin Domes. All the others date from the Imperial period but this specimen was struck when Rome was a Republic.

This coin is an example of a denarius serratus, so-called because the edge is serrated. Cutting the slits in the edge must have been a lengthy process and the end result doesn’t improve the overall appearance. The whole of the detail on this coin doesn’t show up but the description that follows on includes parts that are unclear.

This denarius was struck during 118 BC under the authority of L. Licinius Crassus, and Cn. Domitius Arenobarus with M. Aureius Scaurus. On the obverse is the head of Roma with M. AVRELI in front and ROMA and XVI monogram behind. On the reverse, holding a spear and a shield, is a Gallic warrior driving a biaa (a chariot pulled by a pair of horses) with SCAVRI below. Under this, in the exergue, is L LIC CN DOM.

In volume I of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values denarii of this type are listed as number 157.    


Overall this coin would grade good Fine and as it dates from 118 BC it is early for a UK find. However, it’s not a rarity so my price range would be no higher than £40 – £50.

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