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Penny of Edward I or II

This is the second of two coins sent in by Anthony Hopkinson, who asked for a detailed report on his finds.

From its general appearance the coin is fairly obviously a penny of Edward I or II. However, it is flat in some areas and the lack of detail could leave it difficult to pin down.

The dies used to strike this penny are not of the usual quality and this points towards the coin being a product of the Berwick mint. Instead of all the dies being made in London and sent up to Berwick, most were cut locally. The end result is a series of coins that don’t fall into the same categories as English pennies.

On the obverse of this penny King Edward has a pellet on his breast and in the legend there is a Roman N in DNS. Therefore, the coin must belong to Berwick class IVc. If the whole of the legend could be seen on the reverse then it would read VILL ABE REV VICI.

Half the coin is weak, the other half Fine, so the overall condition could be described as Fair to Fine. Berwick changed hands a number of times during the wars fought between England and Scotland. Therefore, the coins that were struck there are of interest to both English and Scottish collectors.

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