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Saddle pommel

Detectorists unearth all manner of things. Some finds are very common, whilst others are of significant rarity. Pictured here is a find sent in by Colin Pearson, which is a saddle pommel identified as being circa 1500 to 1650 in date.

I must admit that this is the first find of its type I have ever seen. It would originally have been silvered and would have fitted over a raised leather element on a saddle. The pommel would then have been secured in place through the holes at the base.

Some idea of its size can be gained from the hand holding it in the photographs; the overall size is approximately 60mm

Three similar pommels have been recorded on the PAS website and this highlights the importance of reporting finds.  I wouldn’t have known what it was and I’m pretty sure that the same could be said of the majority of detectorists.

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