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“Ratham Rose” quarter stater

When it comes to Ancient British coins, Rob Warwick seems to be very good at locating them. One of his latest finds is featured here, in the shape of a gold quarter stater.

It is listed as the Ratham Rose type (number 614) in Ancient British Coins, which is undoubtedly the best reference work on coins of this period. I traced only a single example, which was sold in December of 2015 as lot 62 in the Geoff Cottam collection. 


The Cottam specimen was described as “. . . areas of corrosion with what appears to be base metal? underneath, strong centres, good very fine, excessively rare.”  The hammer price was £750.

Rob’s example of the Rotham Rose type is a little weak in places but good enough to grade near VF. With only images to work from I can’t tell if it is solid gold or if it has a base metal core. If it is the latter then it could sell for a figure similar to the Cottam specimen. If it is solid gold then I’d say at least £1,000.

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