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Quarter stater of the Catuvellauni

The finder of this Ancient British gold coin, Roger Paul, told me it was unearthed during a charity dig held by a Hertfordshire club. Roger said it was a welcome find after a baron spell.

The coin is a quarter stater of the Catuvellauni, which is listed in Ancient British Coins as the Tasciovanos Acorn type (number 2586). On the obverse a crossed wreath has back-to-back crescents in the centre and tear drops in the angles. On the reverse is a horse facing left and in ABC it is said to have TASCIAVA above but in more up-to-date descriptions there is no mention of anything over the horse.

In Ancient British Coins (published 2010) the type was described as being very rare but over the intervening years more example have surfaced and by 2022 no less than 56 examples had been recorded. Everything is relative. If only 56 examples of a very modern coin were known then it would be classed as extremely rare!    


Roger’s quarter stater is well centred and would grade good VF for the period. A pre-sale auction estimate should be £450 to £550.

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