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Quarter stater of the Catuvellauni

Since this website was set up a few months back I’ve featured several Ancient British gold coins. Here’s another, this one a quarter stater, which was found by Stephen Palmer.

This quarter stater is a coin of the Catuvellauni and dates from circa 45 to 25 BC. On the obverse is a flower with seven petals with a pellet between each one. On the reverse is a stylised horse facing right, with a winged motif above and rings in the field; the rings all have a central pellet except the one with the wings.

In Ancient British Coins this coin is a variety of number 2526 and is listed as the Addedomarus Flower type. In having a flower with seven petals it is rarer than the standard type, which has eight petals. In the Standard Catalogue it falls under the Trinovantes (page 19) and is listed as number 203.

The obverse is a distinctive and unusual type, which would make it appeal to collectors. It is also very rare, which is an added bonus point.


As is often the case, the obverse has been struck off centre; the reverse is a perfect strike and overall the coin would grade at least good VF. If it was offered for sale at auction then in its present condition a likely pre-sale auction estimate shouldn’t be any lower than £600 – £800.

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