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Anglo-Saxon silver sceatta

This Anglo-Saxon silver sceatta is another coin from Stephen Palmer’s collection of detecting finds. It was submitted to my website for it to be identified and valued.

On the obverse is a diademed head, with a shoulder below that breaks the beaded circle around the head. These characteristics match series BX, which is number 776 in the Standard Catalogue.

On the reverse is a serpent circle, in which is a bird resting on the top of a cross; there is an annulet above each cross arm and pellets below. Therefore, the reverse is one of the varieties of Series BI, which is listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 777.


Having a series BX obverse die combined with a reverse of series BI makes this sceatta rather unusual and this would certainly make it more appealing to a specialist collector. The obverse is slightly flat in places but overall the coin would grade good Fine to about VF. If I was cataloguing it for sale at auction I’d set the pre-sale estimate at £180 – £250.

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