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Philip and Mary Sixpence

This find was sent in by Pete Husky Anning, who knows what it is but he wanted to know what I thought the item was worth. This is a sixpence of Philip and Mary, which is dated 1554. Pete said that when this turned up it was brown in colour and the condition was horrible. However, he paid a skilled restorer to bring it back to life and the images show that he made a very good job of it. There is one large crack in the flan and another smaller one, which is a pity, but the coin is still rather attractive. And, how many detectorists can say they have ever found a sixpence of Philip and Mary? My experience in the hobby tells me that the answer to that question is very few.


The cracks will push the price down but even with them I’d give this very rare sixpence a price range of £500-600.

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