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George III Half Sovereign

This find was sent in by Pete Husky Anning, who knows what it is but he wanted to know what I thought the item was worth. This is a gold half sovereign of George III, which is dated 1817 beneath the laureate head of the king. I’ve seen a few of these as detecting finds but most have been damaged in one way or another. This one is the best I’ve seen, for it would grade VF+ and no defects show up on the edge and surface of both sides. Back in 1817 most people wouldn’t earn half a sovereign in a whole week, so losing that much money would be a disaster. However, the majority of workers would be paid in silver and copper coins and might never even see one made of gold. Therefore, whoever lost this coin would probably be wealthy so its loss wouldn’t be the end of the word for them.


Value today £350 – 400

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