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Edward III Gold Noble

The splendid gold noble shown above was found by Peter Vernon back in 2014. When it came out of the ground it was bent and twisted out-of-shape but after being attended to by an expert jeweller it is now perfectly flat.

Mr Vernon asked me to give the exact reference number for the coin in J. J. North’s English Hammered Coinage, plus an idea of what it could fetch if it was sold today. This noble was struck during the post treaty period, when Edward III resumed his claim to the throne of France. On the obverse there is a quatrefoil above the ship’s sail and a flag flies from the stern, which indicates the coin was struck at Calais. On the reverse there is a letter E and a pellet in the centre and there are two more pellets by the top and bottom fleur de lis within the inner circle. The obverse of the coin is slightly double struck, a faint crack in the die shows up together with a few scuffs but this side is otherwise in about VF condition. On the reverse there is a fault located at about 3.30 o’clock but it is otherwise a strong VF. The reference numbers in English Hammered Coinage for nobles of this type is 1281. Basing our estimate on the state of preservation of his find, I passed on to Mr Vernon my opinion as to a likely pre-sale auction estimate that would be placed upon it. He thanked me via email but said that it is one of the highlights of his collection and he had no intention of selling the coin.

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