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Pennies of Edward I and John

The two finds featured here were sent in by John Lashmar to be identified and valued.

Penny of Edward I

John’s first find is a penny of Edward I.

penny of edward i

The lettering is quite large, with a VILL NOVI CAS TRI legend on the reverse and a legend starting with EDW R on the obverse. The coin is an example of class 3e and the mint is Newcastle.

Class 3e is scarcer than the later classes for Newcastle and this penny is in Fine condition so I’d price it at £25.

Penny of King John

Find number two is a voided short cross penny of King John.

penny of john

It is slightly double struck and flat in places so it took some time to pin down. I’d identify it as a coin of class 5b. On the reverse all I can see of the legend is MAS.ON, which is the end of the moneyer’s name and the copulative.

A moneyer named Tomas was an official at more than one mint. However, even though the mint signature is not clear the first letter looks more like a C than anything else. Therefore, we can be sure that the moneyer is Tomas and even though I can’t be certain the mint could be Carlisle, which is one of the rarest for John.

As already mentioned, the coin is slightly double struck, flat in places and it doesn’t have much eye appeal. If it was a penny of Canterbury or London then in its present state of preservation I’d have said £20 a best. However, if accepted as being a penny from the Carlisle mint then that figure might be doubled.

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