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PAS: Review of Finds – w/e 12 March 2021

PAS: Finds Review - to 12 March 2021

Here is my pick of the finds recorded on the PAS database in the previous week. A total of 164 finds were recorded in the week to 12 March 2021. This week’s reported finds demonstrate the wide age range of finds recorded, from a Bronze Age axe head to a First World War medal.

The piece in the Featured Find was announced this week by the Treasure Registrars as being donated by the detectorist who found it. 

Featured find

Seal Matrix

Seal Matrix

Photo: Norfolk County Council, CC By SA 4.0

PAS ID: NMS-43995A

Found: Norfolk in 2017

A Medieval silver seal matrix inscribed with + WILL’I CAPITI · CREDITE · SICVTEI, “Trust in William’s head, just as he does

Donated to Museum

The Treasure Registrars announced this week that the detectorist who found this piece has waived his reward under the Treasure Act and donated the piece to Norwich Castle.

Other Finds

Click images to enlarge. All images are shared under CC Licence 2.0

Roman bracelet

Bronze Age Axe Head
Photo: PAS


Found: Mid Devon

A fragment of a copper alloy axe head dating from c. 2200-1500 BC

First War World Campaign Medal

First World War British War Medal
Photo; Surrey County Council


Found: South Bucks

This British War Medal is a campaign medal awarded to all officers and men who served in the First World War.

6.5 million of these silver medals were struck.

Bronze Age Dagger

Bronze Age Dagger
Photo; Somerset County Council


Found: East Dorset

An incomplete copper-alloy dagger or knife dating from c 1150 -850 BC.

Spindle Whorl

Spindle Whorl
Birmingham Museum Trust


Found: Lichfield

Spindle whorls are common detecting finds. Some 8,000 have been recorded with the PAS.

They were used with wooden drop spindles to the spindle momentum in the spinning of fibres into yarn. This techniques was used from the Iron Age through to the 16th Century, which makes dating difficult.

This one has been dated to AD43 – AD1650


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