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Friday Update – 19 March 2021


My article on the IOD last Friday has been read some 10,000 times and created a lot of discussion amongst detectorists. Hopefully, it has now made everyone aware of the threat that the IOD poses to the hobby of metal detecting. The NCMD have now taken up the cause in earnest and I will leave it to them to coordinate a response.

Back to my day job; it’s great to have so many interesting coins sent in this week. It’s good not only to receive the photos of your coins but also hear about the thrill you get from finding them. This is epitomised by the finder of the Find of the Week this week, who was featured in Thrill of the Find last week.

In the PAS and Treasure Review, there’s a report of another important find being donated to a museum by the detectorist who found it. It’s another page in the continuing story of how the work of detectorists have saved important historical objects, for the benefit of the wider community.

Valuations and Identifications

In this week’s edition there are 12 new valuations including my Find of the Week and Runner Up. A good range of coins from a Septimus Severus, denarius, to a St Eadmund memorial penny right up to an Elizabeth II gold medal.

Find of the Week

Henry V Noble

The finders first gold coin and it’s an extremely rare mule.

Runner Up

St Eadmund memorial penny

Eadmund, penny

An exceptional example of this type of penny

Other finds

Charles I copper farthing

Charles I copper farthing

With the story of the issue of farthings by Lord Harrington and the Duke of Lennox.

Victoria gold sovereign

Victoria, sovereign

Lots of detectorists have found a gold sovereign (not me) – always a great find.

PAS and Treasure Review

A selection of the finds recorded by PAS and treasure reports by the Treasure Registrars in the previous week

Auction Preview

Spink – The Eccles Collection

Lot 5195 George III Military Guinea

Includes a “Flemish” ryal, a Military Guinea and several coins with provenance marks; see this week’s quick quiz.

Auction Results

Spink – Tony Abramson Collection

Some very strong results. Many of the lots were detecting finds from the previous 20 years.

Quick Quiz

Each week I will be publishing a Quick Quiz of typically 6 or 8 questions on a particular theme. You will receive an immediate score and explanation of the answers and so hopefully, these will be both fun and informative.

Quick Quiz

#9: Provenance Marks

Quick Quiz - Provenance Marks Graphic

Provenance marks on coins indicate the source of the metal. Can you identify the eight provenance marks?

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Next week

Help with the next edition

Please help me with next week’s edition. If you’ve been out detecting again or taking the time to go through your collection, please contact me with anything you find of interest or would like me to identify.

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