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Victoria, sovereign

The images of this find were sent in by a colleague of Oliver Jackson, who wanted to know what it might be worth. Some detectorists have no means of taking good photographs but there is usually someone more than willing to help.

Oliver’s find is a gold sovereign of Queen Victoria, which is dated 1894. On the obverse is the veiled (old) head of the queen and on the reverse George and the dragon, which first appeared on English gold coins back in 1817.

The coin would grade good VF in terms of circulation wear but there are tiny marks all over the surface on both sides. Fairly obviously, this sovereign must have been in soil that included a proportion of material with sharp edges.


Lots of detectorists have found a gold sovereign but the total doesn’t include me. This one is still attractive, despite the nicks on both sides. In its present condition it would be worth close to £320.

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