PAS Finds

PAS Finds: week ended 18 February 2022

PAS Finds: week ended 18 February 2022

My selection of the finds recorded at the PAS for the week ended 18 February 2022. These include three Finds of Note of regional importance.

Featured Find

Iron Age cheekpiece

Photo: Northamptonshire County Council CC By SA2.0
Object type: Strap fitting
Period: Iron Age
Primary material: Copper alloy
Date found: 17/02/2022
Location: East Northamptonshire

A complete cast Iron Age strap mount dating to 50BC – AD100, which has retained some of its enamelling. There are four close parallels on the PAS database including two mounts from an Iron Age hoard.

It is believed to be a spiked cheekpiece. Research by Pauline Norris on similar mounts as part of Ancient Egyptian bridles has indicated their likely use; they were fixed to the outer side of each bridle of a pair of horses harnessed to a vehicle. The blunt spikes on the cheekpieces kept the horses from turning their heads and so helped keep them running in parallel in the desired direction.

It has been designated a Find of Note of Regional Importance.

Selection of other finds

Photo: Norfolk County Council

Anglo-Saxon brooch of a Roman coin

A cast, gilded brooch dating to AD 800 – 900 incorporating a coin of Septimus Severus (AD 193-211). A very similar brooch has been recorded at the PAS from some twelve miles away from this find.
Photo: Surrey County Council CC BY SA2.0

Farthing token of Thomas Steadman

A Farthing token of Thomas Steadman, a maltster of Dorking, Surrey. The obverse shows a sugar loaf. It has been donated by the detectorist finder to the Surrey History Centre.
Photo: Hampshire Cultural Trust CC BY SA2.0

Bronze Age miniature palstave axe

A miniature palstave axe dating to c. 1500-1300 BC. It is a rare item with only one comparable find on the PAS. It has been designated a Find of Note: Regional Importance.
Photo: Bristol City Council CC BY SA2.0

Bronze Age tanged dagger

A cast Bronze Age tanged dagger dating to c1300 – 900 BC. The PAS record suggests that the knife was deliberately bent prior to deposition. It is a Find of Note: Regional Importance.
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