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Gold thrymsa which was found in January sold

DNW are selling this gold thrymsa which was found only a few weeks ago in January 2022.

The Find

The coin was found by Mark Pallet, a detectorist for 38 years, on 3 January 2022 in a stubble field at Haslingfield, South Cambs.

gold thrymsa in marks hand
Photo: © DNW

Mark was on a field that he had detected many times before. After some 15 minutes he got a faint signal on his Minelab Equinox. On seeing the reverse, he initially thought it was a small gold button. When he turned it over to see a helmeted male bust he started shaking with excitement.

Mark said “My Minelab Equinox had not charged properly overnight so I only had maximum an hour of charge. I dug down and saw what looked like a gold button, but when I turned it over I knew instantly it was an Anglo-Saxon gold thrymsa.

Gold thrymsa

The coin dates to c 650 -670. However, the design is based on a coin of Crispus, a Roman emperor from the 4th century . The legend includes Runic text which translates to Delaiona. This was once thought to be a mint signature for London but is now considered to refer to the moneyer.This is only the ninth example of this type and it is in excellent condition.

DNW Auction

The thrysma is lot 40 in DNW’s auction of Coins, Tokens and Historical Medals on 8/9 March 2022. It is estimated to fetch £8,000 – £10,000

At the same auction DNW are selling another recent important detecting find as I reported in DNW to sell gold “leopard” coin found in 2019 for over £100,000.

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