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Love token of Queen Anne

This find was unearthed by Heath Huntington, who said it came off the same site as a Philip and Mary shilling. Heath knew that his find was a love token but asked if I could provide further information.

This is a sixpence of Queen Anne, which is dated 1711 on the reverse. It is very worn and someone during the 18th century decided to bend it into the shape of a letter S and use it as a love token.

Most, perhaps all, of these things date from the 18th century and the majority are sixpences. They would be given to someone that the presenter was fond of. If the recipient was also fond of the presenter then the token would be kept. However, if the recipient did not care for the person who gave the token then it would be thrown away. The very high number of tokens that have found by detectorists suggests that during the 18th century the number of lovelorn people ran into many thousands.    


I’ve seen lots of worn William III sixpences bent into love tokens but those of Queen Anne are much scarcer. They are interesting curiosities of days gone by but are of minimal commercial value.

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