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London groat of Edward IV

Brad Johnson asked for more information about this hammered silver coin, which was unearthed whilst he was detecting in North Lincolnshire.

The coin is a London groat of Edward IV, which was struck during this king’s second reign. On the obverse it has trefoils on the cusps of the tressure except over the crown, mint mark small annulet on both sides and is an example of class XIV.

This could be just a standard second reign groat of Edward IV but the inner legend on the reverse makes it rather special. The legend should read CIVI TAS LOn DOn but it actually reads CIVI LOn DOn DOn. The concentration of the die maker must have slipped as he was punching in the letters, for he missed out TAS. Rather than leaving a space in the last quarter he punched in an extra DOn. The coin has seen some circulation and the error might never even have been noticed during the later medieval period.    


Over the years, in catalogues, in museums and as detecting finds, I’ve seen thousands of Edward IV groats but the specimen featured here is only the second I’ve seen with this outstanding error. The coin would grade good Fine and the error would certainly add interest for specialist collectors, so my valuation figure would be £250.

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