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Henry VII groat

This is the first from a group of eleven coins sent in by Jamie New, who wanted identifications and valuations on all his finds. As can be seen from the illustrations, Jamie’s first coin is a rather nice hammered silver groat of London.

The coin was struck for Henry VII and has two decorated arches in the crown, so it belongs to class IIIb – number 2198 in the Standard Catalogue. The mint mark is a scallop shell and punctuation marks on both sides are rosettes.


Even though it is a little irregular and consequently slightly short of flan, this is an attractive coin with good eye appeal. It would grade almost VF and both sides are nicely toned, which is an added bonus. Were the flan full I’d have said £250 but with the slight irregularity my price range on this find would be £200 – £220.

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