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Antoninus Pius, denarius

This is the second denarius found by Roger Paul and is a coin of Diva Faustina Senior. This was issued under Antoninus Pius in honour of his wife, who died in AD 141. A very large series of coins in gold, silver and base metal commemorated Faustina Senior, proving that she had been greatly loved by her husband.

On the obverse is a bust facing right and the legend reads DIVA FAVSTINA. On the reverse the standing figure of Ceres holds a torch and a sceptre and the legend on this side reads AVGVSTA.

David Sear, in volume II of Roman Coins and Their Values, lists a few similar coins on a page 269 but not this exact type. It was struck at Rome during AD 147 and isn’t one of the scarcer of the types.


The coin would grade good Fine but there are striking cracks on the reverse. Its condition could be better but this denarius should still be worth around £35 to a collector of Roman silver coins.

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