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Silver brooch

This very unusual item was recently unearthed by Andre Figueiredo. It’s a silver brooch but I can’t tell if it the design is solid cast or embossed. The fastening pin is missing from the reverse and the catch is twisted out-of-shape.

On the front is a rather striking female figure with what appears to be a snake entwined about her. After doing some research I traced a Hindu serpentine deity known as Ma Manusa Devi, who is the snake goddess. I might be wrong – do tell me if I am –but this brooch would seem to depict that goddess.

I’ve seen all sorts of brooches as detecting finds but never one like this. The silver is nicely toned and all in all it is an attractive and highly unusual find. Should Andre wish it, the restoration of the catch and addition of a new fastening pin would not cost much and the brooch would then be wearable.


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