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Hansons sell 10 year-old’s find and other rare detecting finds

Hansons sell 10 year-old’s find and other rare detecting finds

Hansons held an auction of historic artefacts and coins on 24/25 March 2022. The full catalogue can be found here

All of my selected lots are detecting finds, mostly in the last couple of years. They include a signet ring linked to the Sheriff of Nottingham and a rare seal matrix, found by ten year-old George Henderson To view any of them in the auction catalogue, click on the lot number.

There is a buyer’s premium of 25% (plus VAT) on the hammer price.

Featured Lots

Photo: © Hansons

17th Century Jenison Family Signet Ring

Estimate: £6,000 – £8,000
Hammer: £8500

The ring displays the arms of the Jenison family. The Jenison family made their fortune from apothecary. They first appeared as aldermen of Newark in 1580 and thereafter, each generation served as aldermen, and then mayors. Sir Matthew Jenison was a member of parliament for Newark between 1701-1705.

He embarked on dubious schemes involving land around Newark and, with a growing reputation for prevarication and duplicity, he became involved in several lawsuits. For failing to pay his legal costs in a particular suit, he was committed to the Fleet Prison, where he died in 1734 at the age of 80.

The ring was found on Sunday 12th July 2020 at Rushcliffe, Nottinghamshire and recorded at the PAS as LIN-1B6093.

Photo: © Hansons

Medieval Priory Seal Matrix

Estimate: £4,000 – £6,000
Hammer: £4000

This seal was found by ten year-old detectorist George Henderson, while out on a charity dig with his dad, Paul, last November 2021, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. Paul said “The seal’s historical importance rather than value is what’s important to both me and George. It’s the most exciting find either of us have ever made. George has been metal detecting on and off since the age of five but he doesn’t always come out with me. He’s found one or two interesting things over the years. He knew the seal was special when he dug it up but he didn’t know what it was. I did. I knew it was a medieval seal matrix.

George said “I’m happy I discovered it

Adam Staples, a consultant valuer at Hansons Auctioneers, said: “This is an exceptional find for any metal detectorist to make but to discover something like this when you’re only ten is astounding. George must have the Midas touch. I hope it will inspire him to keep metal detecting and unearthing more history.”

Inscribed +S’ PRIORIS ET CONVENT DE BUTTEL’ G DE AD CA. ‘Seal of the Priory and Convent of Butley, of Adam, Canon Regular‘. The area where it was found is connected to Butley Priory, a religious house for canons founded near Woodbridge in 1171. Its owner Adam, canon regular of the convent of Butley served as its prior from 1219 to 1235. It was recorded at the PAS as DUR-BAFF71 and was designated a Find of Note: Regional Importance.

Selection of other lots

Photo: © Hansons

Middle Bronze Age palstave axehead hoard

A hoard of ten complete/ incomplete/ fragmentary Middle Bronze Age palstave axeheads. Found on Saturday 1st September 2018 at Fareham, Hampshire and recorded at the PAS as HAMP-7A1CBA.
Estimate: £800 – £1,200
Photo: © Hansons

Medieval Gold Stirrup Ring

A medieval gold ring set with a cabochon turquoise. It was found in the late 80s in Wychavon, Worcestershire but only recorded at the PAS in 2016 as WAW-0C237F.
Estimate: £600 – £800
Hammer: £480
Photo: © Hansons

Gold Posy Ring

The inner face of the ring is engraved with “Loue Is All I Crave”. The style of the text points to this being from the 17th – 18th Centuries. It was found in Cherwell, Oxfordshire on Sunday 23rd December 2018 and recorded at the PAS as BH-C3B4F4.
Estimate: £600 – £800
Hammer: £1300
Photo: © Hansons

Verica Gold Stater

Warrior Rex gold stater of Verica. Found near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
Estimate: £1,000 – £1,200
Hammer: £1050
Photo: © Hansons

“Danebury Torc” quarter stater of the Belgae

The obverse is the same as a single known example, found near Danebury, Hampshire, but the reverse appears to be new variant. Found near Winchester, Hampshire in 2021 and recorded at the PAS as SUR-BDA875.
Estimate: £2,000 – £2,500
Hammer: £2500
Photo: © Hansons

Denarius of Caligula

Obverse has bare head of Caligula. Reverse, the radiate head of Augustus. Found on Tuesday 28th May 2019 in Whittington, Shropshire and recorded at the PAS as WREX-64F355, where it was designated a Find of Note: County Importance.
Estimate: £3,000 – £5,000
Hammer: £2800
Photo: © Hansons

Aethelred II penny

“First Hand” type. Legend reads +GVNNAR M-O DEORABY. Only two other coins from this moneyer recorded on EMC. Found near Driffield, East Yorkshire.
Estimate: £800 – £1,200
Hammer: £1250
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