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Continental sterling of Valeran II

Steven Simmons said this find turned up during a dig on a field of rotted stubble. At first sight it could be mistaken for a penny of Edward I but it is actually a Continental sterling.

On the obverse the legend reads +G: DOMINVS DE LINI around a crowned head similar to Edward I of England. The reverse is the same design as English pennies but the legend reads MON ETA SER ENE.

This sterling was struck for Valeran II as Lord of Ligny (1314-54) at a mint situated in Serain. Lots of Continental sterlings are unearthed by detectorists but this is one of the less common types.


Steven’s find is slightly weak in one area but is otherwise in close to VF condition. It would be of interest to specialist collectors and I’d set the price range at £120-£150.

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