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Halfpenny of Archbishop Edward Lee

This hammered silver coin was unearthed last weekend by Glyn Peak, who asked for a full ID and some idea of its market value.

Firstly, this is a Tudor period halfpenny. Due to weak and flat areas on this coin I can give only the most probable ID rather than one that is absolutely definite. On the reverse all that can be seen of the legend is CIVI in one quarter and EBO in anther. Therefore, the mint is certainly York.

On the obverse most of the legend is unreadable. Within the inner circle the king wears an arched crown and he is flanked by L and E or E and L. Leading on from this, Glyn’s halfpenny is most likely to have been struck at York for the profit of Archbishop Edward Lee during the second coinage of Henry VIII. In the Standard Catalogue the type is listed as number 2361.   


This halfpenny is quite scarce but it would grade at best only Fair so I would price it no higher than £10 to £12.

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