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Farthing of William and Mary

When copper and bronze coins dating from the 17th century come out of the ground they are usually worn and/or very corroded. Specimens in ‘collectable’ condition very rarely turn up but there is the occasional exception, one of which is pictured here.

This coin was found by Colin Barton and is a farthing of William and Mary, which is dated 1694 beneath the seated figure of Britannia on the reverse. A number of rare varieties are on record and this coin appears to have inverted Vs instead of As in BRITANNIA.   


Colin’s find has no signs of corrosion, the surface on both sides is good and the overall condition is a strong Fine. A minus point is two small scratches on the bust of King William. If accepted as being the rare version of BRITANNIA then to a collector this farthing should be worth at least £100.

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