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Guinea of William III

Edward J. Burns asked if I could give him a valuation on the early milled gold coin pictured here. It’s a guinea of William III, which is dated 17 01 beside the crown above the English shield on the reverse.

On the obverse is the second bust of King William and the crowns on the reverse are narrow, so this guinea is of a type listed as number 3463 in the Standard Catalogue.

This coin is typical of most gold coins found by detectorists, in that it shows signs of being in the soil. On the obverse are a few light scuffs and scratches but this side is otherwise in near VF condition. On the reverse there is a scrape on one of the crowns and on a sceptre but this side is otherwise in VF condition.


The defects are only slight but noticeable enough to put off the most discerning collectors. In its present state of preservation a likely pre-sale auction estimate would be £1,500 to £1,800.

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