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Groat of Mary

All the silver coins of Mary (1553-58) are rare except for her groats. The lowest silver denominations were struck in very small quantities but a huge number of groats went into circulation so, as could be expected, detectorists have found lots of them.

Most of those that come out of the sold are not in good condition and many aren’t even intact. The specimen featured here, which was unearthed by Tony Hollis, is intact but very worn due to the length of time it was in circulation.

A pomegranate was the personal badge of Queen Mary and is included in the legends on this groat. On the obverse there is one after MARIA and another positioned after VERITAS on the reverse.


The reverse is in Fair condition but the obverse is only about Fair with several small indentations. As it is a fairly common detecting find and not in good condition my most optimistic price range would be £25 – £35.

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