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Groat of Henry VIII

This is another coin from the large group sent in by Tony Hollis. If you have a group of finds then do send in details but no more than ten items at a time. And, do number the individual finds and if the size isn’t obvious then do let me know what it is.

Tony’s latest find is a groat of Henry VIII, which was struck during the second coinage. It has the young head of the king on the obverse and mint mark fleur de lis on both sides. In the Standard Catalogue groats of this type are listed as number 2337E.

Groats of the second coinage of Henry VIII are not particularly scarce but they have always been popular with collectors. This has led over the years to quite a steep increase in selling prices.


The obverse on Tony’s example is a bit grubby looking but it is otherwise better than Fine. On the reverse the centre of the shield of arms is a little weak but apart from that this side would grade about VF. Pricewise, I’d say £100 – £120 but it might sell for more if it was subjected to expert cleaning.

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