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Edward I penny

Detectorists who have been searching fields for a reasonable length of time will know that some hammered silver coins are far scarcer than others. For example, pennies of Edward I turn up fairly regularly. They weren’t rare before detecting started but when it did get going, coins of Edward I turned up regularly as finds in just about every part of England.

Pictured here is an Edward I penny from the collection of detecting finds put together by John and Mike Ruczynski. It’s a class II coin (the letter N reversed on both sides) and the legend on the reverse (CIVI TAS LON DON) tells us that it was struck at London. Having said that pennies of Edward I are now very common, not many of the examples unearthed by detectorists are in good condition. Most of those that surface are defective in some way but the specimen featured here is well above average.


There is a small flat area on both sides but this Edward I penny is otherwise in VF condition. A collector looking for a really nice example should be willing to pay £60 – £70 for this one.

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