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Friday Update: 20 May 2022


A couple of rare readers’ finds in this week: a quarter angel of Elizabeth I and a “Quatrefoil” penny of Cnut. The first was sent in by Peter Vernon, who had already identified it but thought, rightly, that we would be interested in having it on the website. Michael Richardson, the finder of the Cnut penny had also already identified it but wanted a valuation.

As our Facebook followers steadily continue to climb (now above 600) I’d like to welcome new readers and remind everyone that we welcome these types of contributions as well as full identification and valuation enquiries. It can be a recent find or something that you’ve had in your collection for a while. Any find that you think might be of interest to our readers. Just go to our contact page and send it in.

Last week Noonans sold the Vale of Pewsey Hoard (found 2020) for £81,000 and next week they are selling Phil and Joan Castle’s hoard of Edward III nobles (found 2018). Phil tells how “detecting was a great relief ” during a recent illness and Joan has hopes for a new kitchen from the proceeds.

Amongst the PAS finds is a mount depicting a king. Have a go at identifying the king from the clues in the image and see if you agree with the PAS‘s most likely candidate.

Valuations and Identifications

Four more readers finds this week. For the rest of this week’s finds see the Front Page

Find of the Week

Quarter angel of Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I quarter angel

Peter Vernon sent in the images of this coin but the finder is one of his detecting colleagues.

Runner Up

Quatrefoil type penny of Cnut

Quatrefoil type penny of Cnut

The finder of this coin, Michael Richardson, had already identified it but he asked for a valuation.

Auction news

Vale of Pewsey Hoard sells for £81,160

Noonans sell Vale of Pewsey hoard

The results of Noonans auction of the Vale of Pewsey hoard. Rob Abbot, one of the finders, says he was “gobsmacked” with the prices achieved.

Noonans to sell Phil and Joan’s hoard of gold coins

Phil and Joan

Noonans are selling Phil and Joan’s hoard of five gold coins in their coins and medals auction next week. Joan has her eye on a new kitchen with the proceeds. There’s a bit of a mystery surrounding the purse bar found with the hoard.

PAS Finds

Mount of Henry VI

Which king is on this mount? There are several clues in the image that point to the most likely king. Plus, Finds of Note include a Bronze Age palstave, Medieval stylus and a Roman birdlip brooch.

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Next week

Help with the next edition

Please help me with next week’s edition. If you’ve been out detecting again or taking the time to go through your collection, please contact me with anything you find of interest or would like me to identify.

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