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Farthing of Charles I

Anthony Hopkinson is the finder of this copper farthing of Charles I. It’s a rough looking coin but it is nonetheless interesting.

Anthony thought it could be Irish but couldn’t trace a specimen that matched it in Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands. Additionally, he said it didn’t appear to have a crown above the harp on the reverse.

Firstly, the coin does have a crown on the reverse. To be able to see the base of the crown the reverse needs to be rotated 90 degrees in a clockwise direction.

On the obverse the full legend would read CAROLVS D G MG BRIT. The legend continues on the reverse with FRAN ET HIB REX. This farthing is an example of the Maltravers’ type and is listed in the Irish section of Coins of Scotland Ireland and the Islands as number 6526.


The workmanship is rather rough and this points towards it being a contemporary copy. However, copies of this period are worth as much in cash terms as genuine farthings.

The coin would grade Fair to about Fine but the reverse is a mile off centre. The condition certainly isn’t good but this farthing should still be worth around £10 or even a bit more to a keen collector of Irish coins.

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