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Denarius of Galba

This is the second Roman coin from the pair that came in from Robin Dones. This one is a denarius of Galba.

Whilst Nero was still alive Galba was proclaimed emperor by his troops and he also received support from the Senate. However, he was assassinated on 5 January AD 69 and Otho then became emperor. Otho committed suicide in April, after Vitellius was proclaimed emperor by the legions based in Lower Germany. After Vitellius was murdered Vespasian became emperor and he proved to be a popular and capable administrator.

On the obverse of Robin’s find is the laureate head of Galba and a legend that reads IMP GALBA. Attached to the base of the emperor’s neck is what is meant to represent a globe. On the reverse the standing figure of Livia holds a patera and a long sceptre and is accompanied by a DIVA AVGVSTA legend.

The type isn’t listed by David Sear but it is included in Roman Imperial Coins as number 14. It was struck at Tarraco in Spain. It is worth mentioning that the type with the brief obverse legend is much scarcer than the type reading IMP SER GALBA CAESAR AVG P M.


Faint scratches show up on the field on both sides of this denarius but the coin is otherwise in close to VF condition. The scratches might put off some collectors but the coin is rare and should still be worth around £300.

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