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Button and Loop fastener

The find pictured here came in from Glyn Peak. He knew what it was but asked for my opinion as to what it might be worth in cash terms.

Finds like this one are often described as Celtic toggle or ‘button and loop’ fasteners. This one will measure approximately 35mm in length and is made of copper-alloy. It has three bosses at the lower end and another in the triangular section at the top. On the reverse there is a straight bar for attachment.

These things date from the 1st-2nd century AD and a large number of types and varieties are on record. The best examples are inlaid with coloured enamel. All types used to be at least scarce but over recent decades detectorists have managed to unearth a very high number of examples. As could be expected, they are now nothing like as scarce as they used to be.


I can’t see any enamel on Glyn’s finds and the copper-alloy fabric is pitted all over due to the soil conditions it has been in for close to 2000 years. As I’m always pointing out, the main factor in relation to the value of any artefact is its state of preservation. Had this fastener been in better condition it would have been worth more but as it stands my highest price range would be £25 – £30.

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