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Anglo-Saxon sceatta series J

Ian Darke suspected that this coin could be a contemporary forgery. However, he wanted to know what I thought about it.

The coin is an Anglo-Saxon silver sceatta. On the obverse a head facing right comes very close to a beaded outer circle. On the reverse is a cross with an annulet on the tip of each arm, a trefoil at each side of the upright and a bird facing right perched on top.

All the details given above add up to this sceatta being an example of series J, type 85. In the Standard Catalogue it is listed as number 802. I’ve had a good look at Ian’s find and to me it looks to be a genuine sceatta.


The obverse would grade near VF but has a slight deposit in places. On the reverse there is more deposit and this obscures some of the detail. In its present condition my price range on this sceatta would be £90 – £120.

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