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Denarius of Cassius Longinus

This Roman Republican silver coin is the last one from a group that came in from Mike and John Ruczynski. It’s a denarius and the extensive wear suggests it was in circulation for many years. Some detail is missing but I’ll describe the coin as if it was still visible.

On the obverse is the head of Libertas facing right, with LIBERT behind and Q CASSIVS in front. On the reverse is the circular temple of Vesta, with a votive urn to the left and to the right a tablet inscribed with A C.

Denarii of this type were struck during 55BC under the authority of Q. Cassius Longinus. In volume I of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values they are listed as number 390.


On the obverse the head of Libertas is reasonably clear but not the lettering. The reverse is only Fair. In its present condition I’d price this denarius no higher than £20.

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