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Type 10 penny of Henry I

This find came in from a detectorist signing himself a Steve. It’s a hammered silver coin and Steve said he was excited to know the identity of his find. A valuation was also required in order to pass it on to a farmer.

The coin was located about three inches below the surface in a pasture field. Therefore, it would have been found even with a relatively cheap detecting machine. 

This find is a type 10 penny of Henry I. Very few examples have been found by detectorists so Steve was very lucky to have unearthed this specimen. Sadly, the stat of preservation leaves much to be desired. On the obverse the bust of King Henry shows up but half of this side is flat. The reverse is worse still and only two letters (ON) can be seen in the legend. Another significant minus point is the two large edge chips.


This is a rare coin in itself and very rare as a detecting find but its overall condition could be described, as best, as Poor to Fair. In terms of its possible commercial value, many numismatists that collect coins of Henry I would not be interested in it due to its state of preservation. However, it could be worth £60-80 to those collectors who could not afford the cost of a better specimen.

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