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CRVX type penny of Aethelred II

This finder of this coin wished to remain anonymous. It’s the sort of find that any detectorist would love to dig up but most of us never manage to do so.

The coin is a CRVX type penny of Aethelred II, which turned up in Oxfordshire. On the reverse the legend reads +AELFRIC M-O PELIG, so Aelfric is the moneyer and Wallingford the mint.


This isn’t a rare type, mint and moneyer combination for Aethelred II but this penny is in really good condition. As is usually the case for pennies of this reign, it is a perfect strike. The obverse has an outstanding portrait of the king and overall this side would grade good VF. The reverse isn’t quite as good but would still grade VF.

An example of exactly the same coin, graded as good VF with a few peck marks, recently sold at auction for £480. Therefore, if this specimen was offered for sale at auction then a likely pre-sale estimate would be £450 to £520.

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