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Class Ic penny of Henry II

This voided short cross penny is another coin from the collection of detecting finds belonging to John Lashmar. Images of the coin were sent in so that I could identify it and say what it might be worth.

On the obverse is a fairy crude head and the usual legend: hENRICVS REX. On the reverse the legend reads +PIERES ON LVND, so Pieres is the moneyer and London the mint.

Lots of voided short cross pennies look very similar to each other and this can make it difficult to pin them down. However, this coin has characteristics (style of the head and the moneyer) that mark it out as a class Ic penny of Henry II. This class has a lower catalogue price than Ib but in my experience it is scarcer.



Strictly speaking, this coin is in Fine condition but it could be described as good Fine for the issue. Pricewise, I’d suggest £50 – £60.

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