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Bow-and-fantail brooch

This find was sent in by Robin Dones but it was unearthed by his brother, John. It’s a Roman brooch of which thousands of been found by detectorists but this one is much better than average.

It is a bow-and-fantail brooch, which will date from the 1st-2nd century AD. It has attractive integrally cast decoration with coloured enamel in the background. Whilst things are in the soil enamel is often eaten away but on this brooch it has survived very well.

No measurements were given but it will probably be about 50mm overall. I can’t see a fastening pin but they rarely survive in the soil so I’m assuming it has been lost.


So many Roman brooches have been found by detectorists that today they have to be in very good condition to be worth more than a few pound. This one is attractive and in good condition, so my price range would be £40 – £60.

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