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Charles I, penny

Cameron Corner said the coin pictured here was amongst a group given to him by his father. After examining the coin Cameron thought it was a product of the Oxford mint but someone had identified the mint as York.

The coin in question is a hammered silver penny of Charles I. On the obverse is a bust of the king with I behind it. The legend on this side reads CAROL D G M B F ET H REX.

Within the inner circle on the reverse is a plume. The legend on this side reads IVNSTITIA THRO FIRMAT. The mint mark on both sides is a fleur de lis.

All the characteristics just mentioned add up to this being an Oxford mint penny of Charles I. In the Standard Catalogue pennies of this type are listed as number 3001.

On the obverse there are weak areas but this side is otherwise nearly VF. The reverse has been struck off centre and the plume is weak but this side is otherwise in about VF condition. All in all, this is a decent example of a rare penny from the mint situated in Oxford during the early phase of the English Civil War.


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