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Gallo-Belgic quarter stater


The coin pictured here is a Celtic gold quarter stater. The detectorist who unearthed this find wished to remain anonymous but asked if I could identify and value the coin..

Quarter staters of this type were imported into Britain from Gallia Belgica and are usually listed in English reference works as being Gallo-Belgic. On the obverse of this coin is a wreathed head facing left, which is more realistic than the heads on the dies made to strike British coins of the same denomination. On the reverse is a horse, facing left, together with various symbols in the field.

In the Standard Catalogue quarter staters of this type are listed as number 7. In Ancient British Coins they are catalogued as the Gallo-Belgic broad flan type and listed as number31. ABC lists the type as being only scarce but this is the first specimen I have seen as a detecting find.   


Unfortunately, the reverse is badly struck and would grade only Fair. On the obverse there is some flatness and faint scratches on the high points but, importantly, the full head and face show up very well. Even with the rough reverse, this coin still shouldn’t be worth any less than £350 to a collector.

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