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Centenionalis of Constantine II

Pictured here is another coin from the group that came in from Stephen Palmer to be identified and valued. It’s Roman and measures about 20mm in diameter but is shown greatly enlarged.

The coin is a billon centenionalis of Constantine II, which was issued when he was Caesar under his father, Constantine the Great. Many different varieties are known of this coin. On the obverse of this specimen is a laureate head facing left and the surrounding legend reads CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C. The reverse is an example of the ‘camp gate’ type with a star above and the mint letters below. The main legend, either side of the gate, reads PROVIDENTIAE CAESS. Though not absolutely clear, the mint letters are probably STRE for Trier.

This centenionalis appears to be an example of number 17217 in volume V of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values. The type was struck during AD 327 and 328.   


The obverse is well struck, in good VF condition and with eye appeal. The reverse isn’t quite as good. As it stands, my price range would be £25 to £30.

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