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Penny of Henry II

This coin was found by Alex Hilton. It’s a voided short cross penny and Alex said he was struggling to trace an exact match.

The coin is an early example of class 1 of Henry II, of which many varieties are on record. On the reverse the legend reads +hENRI ON WINC, so Henri is the moneyer and Winchester the mint. On the obverse the letter E in hENRICVS and REX are both square, as is the E in hENRI on the reverse. I traced a similar mint and moneyer combination on a coin listed as a class 1a1 obverse combined with a class 1a2 reverse. The coin found by Alex was struck by the same reverse die but a different obverse die.  


This is a rare voided short cross penny of Henry II, which would certainly be of interest to a specialist collector. The reverse is a bit rough but overall it would grade good Fine. However, it has the appearance of something that has just come out of the soil, which is a minus point. Collectors much prefer coins to be nicely toned or a least look to be silver. After allowing for the plus and minus points, I’d suggest a price range of £150 to £180 for this find.

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