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Calais groat of Henry VI

The finder of these two coins wished to remain anonymous but he asked if I would provide him with valuations on each of them.

Shilling of Elizabeth I

The first is a shilling of Elizabeth I. It went into circulation during the sixth issue (1582-1600) and has mint mark tun on both sides, which dates it to 1592-95.

It is in better than Fine condition for a detecting find but has a significant defect: a cross cut over the bust of Elizabeth on the obverse. This type of defacement is fairly common on Elizabethan shillings and it has been suggested that the crosses were placed upon Queen Elizabeth by disgruntled Catholics. Without the cross I’d have said more but with it my highest valuation range would be £40-50

Calais groat of Henry VI

Coin number two is a Calais groat of Henry VI. It was struck during the annulet coinage, which commenced in 1422 and lasted until 1430.

Calais had been captured by Edward III shortly after the battle fought at Agincourt in 1346 and it would remain in English hands until it was lost during the reign of Mary Tudor. The obverse of this groat would grade about VF; the reverse is better but it has been struck off centre. In its present condition my price range would be £90-120.

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