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Anglo-Saxon Sceatta Series BX

This is another of Tom Burton’s finds. It’s an Anglo-Saxon sceatta, which Tom had identified as being series J, type 85, and asked if I would provide him with a valuation.

Firstly, this sceatta was actually struck during the primary phase – circa AD 680 to circa 710 – and is an example of series BX. On the obverse is a diademed head within a beaded circle. The imagery within the beaded circle on the reverse isn’t altogether clear but is meant to be a cross on a stepped base, with a bird perched on top flanked by annulets. In the Standard Catalogue a similar series BX sceatta is illustrated as number 776.


As is very often the case with this series, Tom’s coin is short of flan and both sides have been struck off centre. Additionally, the surfaces look to be a bit oxidised. It has some minus points but a pre-sale auction estimate could still be in the region of £120 – £150.

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