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Anglo-Saxon pyramidal mount

Mike Ruczynski said this item was unearthed 25 years since and was recorded on the PAS database.

This find is an Anglo-Saxon pyramidal mount. It belongs to a quite large series and a couple of examples were found in the Sutton Hoo ship burial. Their exact use is uncertain but all are decorated in some way so they would be on show.

In my experience the average size of the base of the pyramid is 12-14mm. Mike said this one is 17mm square so it is a bit larger than usual. On complete examples the top is inset with a garnet but it is not unusual for the setting to be vacant.


Go back 20 years and this type of mount was quite rare and the valuation figures on them were rather high. Today they are worth a good deal less. There are two reasons for this: firstly, they aren’t widely collected and secondly, detecting finds have increased quite significantly the total number now on record. In its present state of preservation I’d place a price range of £150 to £180 on this one.

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