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William and Mary guinea

Phil Matthews is the finder of this early milled gold coin. It’s a recent find from North Yorkshire and Phil asked for a valuation.

The coin is a William and Mary guinea, which is dated 1694 on the reverse. Phil sent details of how it has been described by the Portable Antiquities Scheme. The coin was said to be (I quote): “Slightly worn: very fine.” The coin is well worn on both sides and would be classed by a numismatist as being in Fair to Fine condition.   


In its present state of preservation it would be likely to have a pre-sale auction estimate no higher than £700. This is far less than the estimate would he had it really been in VF condition. However, there is some good news.

Early this month a 1694 William and Mary guinea dated 1694 was sold at auction. The coin was graded as ‘VG’, which roughly equates to Fair. Two collectors must have been very keen to acquire the coin, for the hammer price was an astonishing £2,400. This would seem to be a case where two potential buyers entered into a bidding battle, the winner of which end ended up paying more than he could have bought a similar coin from one of the main London dealers.

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