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Venetian Soldino

This is another coin that resides in the collection of detecting finds belonging to Jamie New. It’s a hammered coin, but European rather than English

The coin is a Venetian soldino of type 3, which was struck during the time that Leonardo Loredan was Doge (head) of the Venetian Republic (1501-21). On the obverse the doge kneels before the standing figure of St. Mark (patron saint of Venice). On the reverse is the standing figure of Jesus Christ.    

Venetian soldini are sometimes referred to as Galley halfpence, due to the fact that many came into England through Galley Wharf in London. They were used as halfpennies but not being made of sterling silver their intrinsic value was lower than an English halfpenny. These coins circulated widely until their use was banned in the 1530s. Soldini were used due to a lack of small change but they were eventually driven out when the mint started to strike more halfpence in order to meet the needs of everyday trade.


Over the years detectorists have unearthed a very high number of Venetian soldini and examples sell for relatively low figures. Being very small and thin, they often turn up rather worn and/or damaged. Jamie’s example is better than average and would grade nearly VF. In its present condition I’d price the coin at £30 – £40.

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